The PM in PM Advertising

People often ask me what the 'PM' in PM Advertising stands for.

The agency was originally founded as PM Eckman Advertising in Ocala, Fla., by Peter Michael Eckman, a trailblazer in equine marketing.

Mike Eckman and I shared a common thread—we were both lifelong horsemen with a passion for the Thoroughbred business. Neither one of us earned degrees in marketing, but we knew horses. We spent hours sharing stories of our early days handling horses, discussing stakes races and talking about stallion prospects.

Before his career in advertising, Mike was a teacher. It's fitting because Mike taught me a lot. He had the ability to build close, trusted relationships with his clients, and he taught me that sometimes it's just as important to be out swapping stories at the racetrack, farm or a horse sale than it is selling. As a testament to that fact and the importance of building and nurturing longstanding relationships, some of the clients that Mike worked with in the burgeoning years of the agency are still with us to this day.

Photography was another interest that Mike and I shared. In fact, Mike gave me my first “real” camera and taught me about composition and light. He was a tough critic, and he let me know in his special way when my ads or photos fell short of expectations.

Mike is retired from PM Advertising, but I believe in honoring the man responsible for creating the firm and blazing a trail for equine marketing. Without Mike, PM Advertising wouldn't exist.

-Jon Siegel


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