Sandip Shrestha

Sandip is a proficient graphic artist and illustrator hailing from Nepal, who has garnered recognition, not just within his native land but also in the bustling metropolis of Dubai and now in the U.S. His creative excellence has been demonstrated through his exceptional work on multiple projects for both domestic and international clientele covering diverse categories such as advertising, logo & branding, packaging, illustration, and marketing materials. Collaborating with national and international advertising agencies further assures that Sandip has the requisite experience to work with clients from various industries and markets having distinct requirements and audiences. His adaptability and flexibility in design enable him to grasp and respond to the unique necessities of each project and client. Sandip is a maestro in creating visually appealing designs that embody his client’s purpose immaculately. With his ardent passion and unwavering dedication towards expanding his skillset, Sandip is constantly searching for new avenues to redefine the contours of the design.